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Webinar: The good, the bad and the ugly: Urgently informing school leadership of effective (and ineffective) reading instruction 

By Nancy Young

This webinar is intended to support educators in decision-making positions in schools, districts, and Ministries of Education. 

Educators in positions of leadership understand the importance of learning to read. Yet, despite the best efforts of students and teachers, countless students across all grades continue to struggle. Why? In this presentation Nancy will summarize:

  • The Ladder of Reading (N. Young): Reading is not something humans are born to do and the ease of learning to decipher the written code ranges irrespective of IQ.
  • Behaviour, attentional, and emotional challenges may be rooted in difficulty learning to read.
  • Provincial/territorial curriculums which are not aligned with reading science have led to a lack of teacher training in effective reading and assessment methods.
  • Certain screening procedures and instructional essentials are urgently needed at the foundational stages.

Key takeaways for attendees:

  • The current system is needlessly failing too many students and teachers.
  • Explicit and systematic instruction grounded in the reading science is crucial for many (especially children with dyslexia) and can advantage all students.
  • Strong and informed leadership can empower and drive change.

Presenter: Nancy Young B.A., M.Ed. (Special Education) is a consultant working with educators and families across Canada and globally, building awareness of the need for, and­­­­ supporting implementation of, evidence-based reading instruction in schools. Nancy’s areas of specialty include dyslexia, ADHD, giftedness, and ELL. She is the author of Secret Code Actions™ (Teacher Edition and Parent Edition). Her website is  www.nancyyoung.ca.

Click here to download the presentation.  Please visit www.nancyyoung.ca/ for a larger copy of her Ladder of Reading & Primer.