Volunteering with IDA Ontario

IDA Ontario is an entirely volunteer-run organization. We are a diverse group of individuals from across Ontario, united by a shared conviction that individuals affected by dyslexia should have the support they need to reach their full potential. Our unique personal and professional backgrounds bring a wide variety of skills and knowledge to all that we do. If you want to join our team, please indicate the committee(s) you would be interested in joining and the committee chair will contact you.

Volunteer Signup

  • Increasing public awareness about dyslexia is a core part of our mission. Every year our outreach team brings the IDA Ontario booth to education-focused conferences and public events like Word on the Street. These events have proven to be a great way to engage people in conversations about dyslexia, answer questions and help clarify common misperceptions. While most of the events take place in the GTA, we also have a need for volunteers right across Ontario who can distribute informational literature (pamphlets and flyers) to public places such as libraries in their local communities.
  • Our Literacy and Learning conference is a fantastic opportunity for parents and educators to connect with one another, learn about new research, and share their stories and perspectives. Our conference committee operates year-round to plan these fantastic events. The conference committee volunteers perform a variety of tasks, from identifying topics and selecting speakers, to planning and organizing the logistics of the day and carrying out all the administrative tasks related to running a large event. While the conference takes place in Toronto, the committee members are from across the province and so the work and meetings are all done remotely.
  • Providing training in high quality evidence-based literacy instruction is a core part our mission. Our Workshop and Training committee operates year-round to plan and execute a variety of training opportunities for parents and professionals, such as webinars and workshops. Members of this committee are very interested in structured literacy and teacher training. There is also a need for individuals who have strong administrative skills who can help perform tasks such as organizing registration and communicating with participants.
  • Communication is the backbone of everything we do! We rely on this team to help us draft and edit communications of all sorts, from emails, newsletters, blog posts and social media campaigns to formal documents such as our annual report and position statements. Members of this team are skilled in written communication and/or graphic design and come from across the province.
  • Providing information and support to parents of dyslexic children who are trying to navigate the school system or looking for help outside the system is one of the most impactful services we provide to the public. Members of this committee have a very good understanding of dyslexia, effective instruction and the Ontario education system. They respond to emails and phone calls from parents across the province to provide accurate information and practical advice.
  • IDA Ontario is committed to accountability. Members of our finance committee have a background in accounting, finance or governance and help the board of directors ensure that donations and assets are managed effectively and transparently.
  • Ensuring that we have sustainable sources of funding is mission-critical; our fundraising committee plans and carries out this vital work. Tasks of this committee include the creation of online campaigns, donor stewardship, and the completion of applications and proposals for grants and sponsorships.
  • System-wide educational change is a core mission of IDA Ontario. Raising awareness about the issues that students with dyslexia face in the Ontario education system is the first step in achieving this goal. Members of this committee work to bring these issues to public attention by writing letters to media and public policymakers. They also help arrange and attend meetings with MPPs, school board, and Ministry of Education officials.
  • We are looking for volunteers with technical skills and experience with the following: web development using Wordpress, Constant Contact, Microsoft Teams, video editing software, graphic design software, and advanced Excel skills.