Anne Holl

Full NameMrs. Anne Holl
Address2129 Fillmore Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario K1J 6A1
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Phone Number(613) 746-4195
Professional Title
  • Reading/literacy specialist (including tutor)
Educational diplomas/degrees
  • Bachelor Degree
Structured Literacy Training
Organization Training Program/Course name Year taken Classroom/Online # hours coursework # hours practicum
Dyslexia Action (UK) Introduction to Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties 2014 Classroom 2 credits
Dyslexia Action (UK) Dyslexia: Supporting Individuals with Memory Weaknesses 2014 Classroom 2 credits
Dyslexia Action (UK) Structured Cumulative Multisensory Tuition for Learners with Dyslexia 2014 Classroom 3 credits
Bright Solutions for Dyslexia (Susan Barton) Screening for Dyslexia 2015 Classroom 48 hours
Vaughn Lauer Evaluating Psycho-educational Assessment Reports 2016 Online 8 hours
Project Read Framing Your Thoughts Sentence Structure 2017 Online 6 hours
Project Read Applied Writing 2017 Online 4 hours
Project Read Report Form Process 2018 Online 5 hours
University of London & Dyslexia International Supporting Children with Difficulties in Reading and Writing 2015 Online 25 hours
Professional Certifications
  • Provincial Teaching License
  • Other
Specify Other Certifications (list)
  • Dyslexia Action (UK) - Award: Introduction to Dyslexia and Co-occurring Difficulties; Dyslexia: Supporting Individuals With Memory Weaknesses; Structured, Cumulative Multisensory Tuition for Learners with Dyslexia
Professional Services Offered
Instructional services (areas of instruction/intervention/remediation)
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Handwriting
  • Written expression
  • Reading comprehension
  • Math
Instructional approaches/programs used
  • Structured Literacy/Orton-Gillingham approach
  • Specific structured literacy program (eg. Wilson, Barton etc).
  • Other (specify)
Structured literacy programBarton
Other instructional approaches/programs
  • All About Reading; SPIRE; OG based writing programs - Framing Your Thoughts : Sentence Structure & Applied Writing (Project Read); OG-based Reading Comprehension - Report Form Process (Project Read). The Dyscalculia Solution: Teaching Number Sense (Emerson & Babtie). The Dyscalculia Toolkit (Ronit Bird)
Other professional services
  • Other assessments (eg. standardized and/or informal)
Populations/age groups served
  • Elementary school age
  • High school age
  • Private clinic/office
  • English
Other information

I am a Literacy Specialist offering structured literacy remediation and an OG-based writing curriculum on a one-to-one basis to children and adolescents with dyslexia and other comorbidities. A UK-trained teacher, with 30 years of extensive experience, I have taught students with dyslexia both in the classroom and in Special Needs departments. In addition to this, my private practice has successfully run for over 23 years in two countries, Canada and the UK, and has continued to support students and their families. I have taken, and continue to take, additional training in dyslexia, ADHD and other comorbidities, as well as training in evaluating psychoeducational reports . My strong emphasis on baseline and ongoing assessment - professional, standardized and norm-referenced - drives the individualized instruction that I offer my students. I am also able to offer dyscalculia support - providing intervention and developing number sense through hands-on activities.

Entry DateMarch 3, 2019