Leigh Fettes

Leigh is an elementary French Immersion teacher living in Huntsville. Before becoming a teacher, she worked in healthcare as a respiratory therapist. Leigh has taken the Orton Gillingham Classroom Educator course, Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools (through IDA Ontario, and LOVED it), IDA Ontario’s Basics of Decoding and Spelling course, and Volume 1 of LETRS (currently working on Volume 2). She is trained in Acadience and IDAPEL and is an Acadience Mentor. Leigh enjoys supporting fellow educators as they learn about effective, evidence-based reading instruction for all students and is inspired by them as they shift their practices. She has seen what is possible when students are taught using a Structured Literacy approach and how this can change lives. Leigh would like all educators, including preservice teachers, to be trained in reading science and for all students to have access to teachers with this knowledge.