Kimberly Lockhart

Kim Lockhart is an elementary French Immersion Student Literacy Support Teacher in Kingston, Ontario, and a strong advocate for students with reading disabilities in Second Language Programs. For the past four years, Kim has used a structured literacy approach to reading with her FSL students in both a whole class setting (Tier 1) and small groups (Tier 2). She has her Orton-Gillingham Classroom Educator certificate, has completed several online Science of Reading courses, and has adopted a research-based approach to reading instruction for her second language learners. In 2015, Kim earned her Master of Education degree from Queen’s University, where she specialized in instructional practices that support students with reading difficulties in French Immersion. In her spare time, Kim volunteers with the Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston (LDAK), the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) of Ontario, and Family and Children’s Services of Kingston, providing workshops and webinars for parents/guardians and educators across the province. In 2019, Kim was awarded “One of the 50 most influential alumni in 50 Years” at Queen’s Faculty of Education. She advocates fiercely for equitable access to evidence-based literacy instruction for students in French Second Language programs nationwide.