Alee Attoe

Like many other dyslexia advocates, Alee’s journey started with a diagnosis of dyslexia for one of her children. Although her kids attended school in Canada, renowned for its robust education system, she was shocked to learn that schools were ill-equipped to teach children with dyslexia. Alee turned to IDA Ontario as one of her resources to do what many parents have done: diving into research and training to ensure her children would learn to read. As a parent, she found it difficult and expensive to find dyslexia resources, such as decodable books, to supplement her children’s education. She uses her networking, communication, and organizational skills to advocate for public access to decodable books and dyslexia resources at libraries and schools. Alee earned a B.A. in International Development Studies from York University and spent a decade as a financial advisor. As part of supporting her dyslexic children, she has taken RX for Reading, Writing, and Math courses with the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).