External Research Opportunities

IDA Ontario is committed to supporting literacy through research, education and advocacy! We value empirical research, recognizing that research plays a central role in literacy for all.

This page provides information about various research opportunities that users may choose to participate in. These projects are not affiliated with IDA Ontario, and the inclusion of a project on our website does not constitute an endorsement by IDA Ontario. We do not assume responsibility for the content, methodologies, or outcomes of external research projects listed. Participants are encouraged to independently assess and evaluate a research project before deciding to participate.

University of Toronto Researchers: PhD Student Emily Staffiere and School & Clinical Psychologist Dr. Todd Cunningham

Do you have a student in Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 that is wanting to learn how to type? Research opportunity available for students with and without learning challenges to learn to type. Students will participate in typing instruction via online use of the Typing Club program, for which an account/license will be provided for 3 months. An initial visit required at the University of Toronto OISE building for baseline measures, as well as a visit after the intervention is complete. To ask any further questions, or to express interest in enrolling in the study, please email  emily.staffiere@mail.utoronto.ca

University of Toronto Researchers: Paige Vaccarella, B.A. and School & Clinical Psychologist Dr. Todd Cunningham

Research Study: Grades 7 - 10 Students

We are looking for students in grades 7 to 10 with a diagnosed Learning Disability who use or have used assistive technology (e.g., iPad, tablet, computer, laptop or reading pen) to support them in the classroom to take part in this research. The purpose of this study is to better understand what factors impact adolescents with a learning disability's use of assistive technology in the general education classroom.

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The Hospital for Sick Children: Research Coordinator Sarah McGaughey and Study Investigators Dr. Darren Kadis and Dr. Cathy Barr

Research Study Involving Neuroimaging, Neurobiology and Reading Disabilities

SickKids is looking for families with children, aged 6 to 16, who face reading challenges and have a same-sex sibling with strong reading skills, within three years in age. Participants will receive a report on their child's psycho-educational assessment, useful for education planning. Qualifying families will need a blood draw, and all testing will happen at SickKids in downtown Toronto. For more information please contact: sarah.mcgaughey@sickkids.ca