Fall 2019 Project Read Online Webinar Courses

TWO COURSES:  Project Read Framing Your ThoughtsTM    

Sentence Structure   &    Paragraph Writing

ONBIDA is excited to partner again with Language Circle Enterprises to offer the online webinar/training “Framing Your ThoughtsTM Sentence Structure” and "Framing Your ThoughtsTM Paragraph Writing” courses. We are pleased to offer these courses at a special discount for Canadian educators.

The Framing Your Thoughts® program is centered on a sequential and systematic method of instruction designed to help students write and arrange accurate and creative sentences and paragraphs. This sequential and multisensory program is part of the Project Read® curriculum, a research-based language arts program.

The "Sentence Structure" course is approximately 6 hours and the Paragraph Writing course is approximately 4 hours. You will have access to the course(s) for two weeks of your choice with a start date anytime during the viewing periods (Sentence Structure - October 1-31, 2019; Paragraph Writing - November 1-30, 2019).  You must order the required course materials in advance, directly from Language Circle Enterprises, allowing enough time for delivery from the U.S.

1. Sentence Structure course (October 1 - 31, 2019) 

Framing Your Thoughts® Sentence Structure uses unique graphic symbols to develop sentence knowledge and editing skills.

2018 SS Guide and Video


  • Uses 8 graphics symbols to build accurate, creative, meaningful sentences.
  • Blends creative freedom with direct multisensory skill instruction.
  • Includes punctuation and capitalization
  • Promotes strong editing skills.
  • Inspires and energizes students as they learn the fundamentals of writing.


  • Framing Your Thoughts™ Sentence Structure Guide
  • Instructions for accessing additional online videos
  • Writing Symbol Card Pack
  • Active Participation Packet

2. Paragraph Writing course (November 1 - 30, 2019)

Framing Your Thoughts® Paragraph Writing program transfers knowledge of sentence structure to paragraph development for both informational and narrative text.

Paragarph writing graphic


  • 5 Kinds of Paragraph Development
  • Multi-Paragraph Compositions
  • Narrative Text Writing
  • Unique Graphic Organizers
  • Editing Process to Encourage Independent Writing


  • Paragraph Writing Guide
  • Active Participation Packet


  1. Course fee: CAD $50 (members); CAD $75 (non-members) PER COURSE payable to ONBIDA. 
    Click here for information on becoming a member of ONBIDA.
  2. Materials fee*: payable to Language Circle Enterprises Inc:
    1. Sentence Structure USD $228+ + import taxes (in CAD$) (+USD $180 for materials, plus USD $48 shipping fee). 
    2. Paragraph Writing USD $161++ import taxes (in CAD$) (+USD $113 for materials, plus USD $48 shipping fee). *NOTE: If you register for both courses and order the materials at the same time, the materials/shipping fee will be USD $340 (save USD $49 compared to ordering separately).

*Note - the total cost will vary depending on the USD-CAD exchange rate at the time of order, and applicable taxes must be paid to Canada Post upon delivery. For instance, in Ontario 13% HST will apply on the materials fee. Click here for a table of tax rates by province. It is our understanding that there will be no duty on the books/cards.

HOW THE COURSES WILL WORK (please read carefully!):

  • First, you must click on the button(s) below to REGISTER with ONBIDA for the course(s) you are interested in (and pay the course fee in CDN $).
  • If you want to register for both courses, you must register for each one separately.  If you arrange for shipping of materials for both courses at the same time, the materials/shipping cost will be cheaper (see note above).
  • Contact Language Circle Enterprises and arrange for payment and shipping of materials. Details will be provided when you register with ONBIDA. YOU SHOULD PROBABLY ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY OF THE MATERIALS FROM LANGUAGE CIRCLE ENTERPRISES PRIOR TO TAKING THE ONLINE WEBINAR.      
  • The Sentence Structure course will be offered between October 1 - 31, 2019, and The Paragraph Writing course will be offered between November 1-30, 2019.
  • When you have received the materials, contact Language Circle Enterprises to get the link to the course.  Once you have the link, you have 2 weeks from that day to complete the course.  You can watch the webinar on your own schedule within that 2 week period.  It is not necessary (or recommended) to watch the 6 hours at one time.

Questions? Email vp@idaontario.com