Position Statement – Supporting Students with Dyslexia in Ontario Public Schools

IDA Ontario has prepared a Position Statement that includes recommendations for improving literacy instruction and outcomes for all students in Ontario public schools, including those with dyslexia:

  • Eliminate systemic discrimination and inequity in literacy instruction in Ontario public schools.
  • Provide effective reading instruction in classroom and intervention programs by replacing the three-cueing system in the Ontario curriculum with Structured Literacy instruction.
  • Implement early literacy screening of all students in Kindergarten or early Grade 1 and ongoing literacy assessment to guide instruction.
  • Provide teachers with training and support in implementing Structured Literacy instruction, early screening, effective interventions, literacy assessment, and knowledge of learning disabilities, including dyslexia.
  • Provide ongoing support for students with dyslexia, including appropriate accommodations.
  • Use the term ‘dyslexia’ when referring to specific learning difficulties related to word recognition, decoding, and spelling, as is the practice with researchers, governments and other educators around the world.