Ontario Human Rights Commission releases “Accessible education for students with disabilities”

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has released “Accessible education for students with disabilities“.

ONBIDA is pleased to see OHRC’s document that provides clear direction to the government and educational institutions that students with dyslexia, and other learning disabilities, have legal rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code, and must be provided with early assessment, early and effective intervention, and other appropriate accommodations.

The policy:

  • recognizes that education is vitally important to a person’s social, academic and economic development
  • reflects a broad definition of disability
  • provides students and families with up-to-date information about their human rights and responsibilities
  • offers practical guidance to education providers to meet their legal duty to accommodate
  • reminds schools of their obligation to maintain accessible, inclusive, discrimination and harassment-free spaces.

For more information click here.   Note ONBIDA’s endorsement on this news release.

To read or download the document click here.