IDA Ontario courses

Winter 2021 Teacher Training Courses

"Sentence Structure" and "Paragraph Writing"

IDA Ontario is partnering again with Language Circle Enterprises to offer TWO online webinar/training Project Read Framing Your ThoughtsTM courses this winter.   


Course 1: Sentence Structure - This programme uses unique graphic symbols to develop sentence knowledge and editing skills.



Course 2: Paragraph Writing   - This programme transfers knowledge of sentence structure to paragraph development for both informational and narrative text.



Framing Your ThoughtsTM sequential and multisensory program is part of the Project Read® curriculum, a research-based language arts program which includes instructional materials for phonics, reading comprehension and writing.

The Sentence Structure course is approximately 6 hours; the Paragraph Writing course is approximately 4 hours.  You will have access to the course(s) for two weeks of your choice with a start date anytime during the viewing period.  You must order the required course materials in advance, directly from Language Circle Enterprises, allowing enough time for delivery from the U.S.

Also, don't forget to check out IDA Ontario's Professional Directory for teacher trainers!