Nominations open for Student Achievement Awards

UPDATE: Nominations are now closed for this year’s student achievement awards. Thank you to everyone who nominated a student, the winner will be announced at the beginning of April.

Do you know a student with dyslexia who is working hard to achieve their goals? 

IDA Ontario would like to celebrate and acknowledge the tremendous effort and hard work that we know so many students with dyslexia are putting in day after day.  This award is about effort and not giving up when things get tough. It is not necessary for the student to be top of the class or a superstar in another activity, just making an honest effort to reach their goals, whatever those goals may be.

All students who are nominated will receive a certificate acknowledging their efforts and a personalized letter of encouragement. The winner will be announced in advance and invited to the IDA Ontario Conference on April 25th at the Ontario Science Center to receive their award.