Innovative text-to-speech software for mobile devices


Innovative text-to-speech software for mobile devices is now available to Canadians

Toronto, April 19, 2010 – CapturaTalk text-to-speech software for mobile devices, winner of the Handheld Learning Awards 2009 (SEN & Inclusion), is now available to Canadians.

In conjunction with the Ontario Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (ONBIDA), CapturaTalk is being launched in the Canadian market next month. CapturaTalk, a sponsor of ONBIDA’s upcoming May 8th dyslexia conference in Toronto, is making the new software available to attendees for 65% less than retail value. Given that the software was designed by, and for, individuals with dyslexia and related learning disabilities, the kickoff event is a natural fit.

CapturaTalk, created by Mobispeech Ltd in the United Kingdom, is software that runs on Windows mobile phones and allows users to capture text via the phone’s camera. The software can then be used to read and explain the text to the user. The software also reads out webpages and works with the other phone functions such as the calendar and organiser. According to Neil Milliken, Director at Mobispeech Ltd, CapturaTalk is also discreet and helpful for users with short term memory difficulties. “You can use headphones if you wish to keep your dyslexia or disability to yourself,” Milliken advised. “Before I started using technology to help me with my dyslexia I found it difficult to keep up with my peers. If anything, now I feel like I have an advantage over my peers.”

CapturaTalk is currently being translated into French and, if the Canadian market shows enough interest, a North American voice will be added. “I am excited to be working with the Canadian arm of the International Dyslexia Association as I believe it is a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and I want as many people as possible to benefit from using assistive technology,” Milliken said. Dr. Gordon
Sherman, prominent U.S. learning disabilities technology advocate and Executive Director of the Newgrange School, believes that CapturaTalk could be a transitionary step towards having essential services, like street signs, read to users. “This is a very powerful piece of technology,” Sherman declared. “Not only can it be used on mobile phones which are socially acceptable, but it’s not trying to be all things to all people – it is designed to do one thing really well.” Sherman noted that technology like CapturaTalk democratizes the process of reading so that those who struggle to read with their eyes can read efficiently with their auditory system.

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