Outreach Program for Libraries

Outreach Programs for libraries (1)

Over the past year, many public libraries across Ontario purchased children’s decodable books for their community collection with the support of IDA Ontario’s mini-grant program. To continue to build on this successful partnership, IDA Ontario hopes to support public libraries to optimize volunteer-supported reading programs to meet the needs of all children.


Decodable books are a research-based method to help support emerging and struggling readers since they have been carefully written to support reading development. With decodable books, students can use the code knowledge they have been taught to sound out words while reading. When students read decodable books, we control the varying level of difficulty and foster a positive relationship with reading.


Often struggling readers can become discouraged when reading books with letter-sounds they haven’t yet learned, which may amplify challenges with confidence and anxiety. When provided with systematic and explicit instruction, and work with decodable books, struggling readers are given the tools they need to become competent and confident readers! Libraries are community hubs that have the powerful opportunity to assist in closing systematic barriers and supporting equitable access to reading success for all children.


If your branch currently offers a volunteer reading support program for children, IDA Ontario invites you to partner with us to optimize programming to be grounded in reading science and aligned with the Recommendations from the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read Inquiry.


Join us for an information session that provides an overview of program goals. Virtual training will be offered to staff implementing the program, focusing on strategies to use decodable text libraries purchased with grant funds to create positive reading environments for all children.


Please complete the following survey regarding current or future intent for partnerships.