IDA Ontario’s Submission to the OHRC “Right to Read” Inquiry

IDA Ontario has prepared a Submission to the Ontario Human Rights Commission's Right to Read Inquiry (March 2020).

This detailed document provides a thorough discussion of the issues and challenges facing students with dyslexia in Ontario English public schools.

IDA Ontario also provides recommendations to the OHRC inquiry to remove the barriers for students with dyslexia in learning to read in Ontario public schools, including:

  • Effective structured literacy instruction for all students in the general classroom (English and French as a second language).
  • Mandatory early screening and on-going progress monitoring.
  • Structured literacy reading interventions available to all students at risk of dyslexia, and all other struggling readers (English and French as a second language).
  • Appropriate accommodations and supports for students with dyslexia.
  • Appropriate teacher training (pre-service and in-service).
  • Curriculum aligned with structured literacy instruction.
  • Effective oversight, funding, data collection, and accountability.