IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards for Reading Teachers

The IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading define what all teachers of reading need to know and be able to do to teach all students to read proficiently. The IDA Standards were written for two main audiences: classroom educators and dyslexia specialists. IDA has written separate narratives for each audience.

To view the IDA Standards document for classroom educators, click here.

To view the IDA Standards document for dyslexia specialists, click here.

The IDA Standards serve as the basis for IDA’s credentialing activities, which include the review and accreditation of university and independent teacher training programs and certification of individuals. IDA began reviewing and accrediting teacher preparation programs for their alignment with the IDA Standards in 2012. These include programs for prospective teachers, dyslexia specialists, and dyslexia therapists. University reviews are conducted every other year; independent programs are reviewed periodically.

For a list of university programs that have been accredited by IDA, click here.

For a list of independent teacher training programs accredited by IDA, click here .

Information about IDA certification of individual professionals is available here.