Winter 2019 Online Training Opportunity – Special Offer!

Framing Your ThoughtsTM Sentence Structure

ONBIDA is excited to partner again with Language Circle Enterprises to offer the online webinar/training “Framing Your ThoughtsTM Sentence Structure”, and we are pleased to offer it at a special discount for Canadian educators: only CAD$50 plus materials/shipping!

This sequential and multisensory program is part of the Project Read® curriculum, a research-based language arts program which includes instructional materials for phonics, reading comprehension and writing. The Framing Your ThoughtsTM  curriculum uses graphic symbols to teach 8 sentence parts and how they function to construct accurate, creative sentences.

The online webinar is approximately 6 hours – you can watch it at your own convenience during any two week period between January 7 - February 7, 2019.  You must order the required course materials in advance, directly from Language Circle Enterprises, allowing enough time for delivery from the U.S.

2018 SS Guide and Video


  • Uses 8 graphics symbols to build accurate, creative, meaningful sentences.
  • Blends creative freedom with direct multisensory skill instruction.
  • Includes punctuation and capitalization
  • Promotes strong editing skills.
  • Inspires and energizes students as they learn the fundamentals of writing.


  • Framing Your Thoughts™ Sentence Structure Guide
  • Instructions for accessing additional online videos
  • Writing Symbol Card Pack
  • Active Participation Packet


  1. Course fee: payable to ONBIDA, CAD $50 (members); CAD $75 (non-members); 
    click here for information on becoming a member of ONBIDA.
  2. Materials fee*: payable to Language Circle Enterprises Inc: USD $210+ + import taxes (in CAD$)
    (+USD $162 for materials, plus USD $48 shipping fee). 

*Note - the total cost will vary depending on the USD-CAD exchange rate at the time of order, and applicable taxes must be paid to Canada Post upon delivery. For instance, in Ontario 13% HST will apply on the materials fee. Click here for a table of tax rates by province. It is our understanding that there will be no duty on the books/cards.


  • First, you must REGISTER HERE with ONBIDA and pay the course fee in Canadian dollars.
  • Contact Language Circle Enterprises and arrange for payment and shipping of materials. Details will be provided when you register with ONBIDA. YOU SHOULD PROBABLY ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY OF THE MATERIALS FROM LANGUAGE CIRCLE ENTERPRISES PRIOR TO TAKING THE ONLINE WEBINAR.      
  • The 6-hour online webinar will be offered between January 7 - February 7, 2019. You can start watching it at any time in that period by contacting Language Circle Enterprises to send you the link.  Once you have the link, you have 2 weeks from that day to complete the course.  You can watch the webinar on your own schedule within that 2 week period.  It is not necessary (or recommended) to watch the 6 hours at one time.

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