Dyslexia in the news

Radio, television, and print media

What's wrong with how we teach kids to read?  CBC Radio Ontario Today. March 4, 2022.

Over-reliance on assistive technology.  CBC Radio Ontario Today. October 5, 2021.

Increased use of Assistive Technology on EQAO Helping to Hide Ontario's Reading Crisis. Newswire.ca. Oct 5, 2021.

Muskoka libraries offering special programming for Dyslexia Awareness Month.  MyMuskokaNow. Oct 4, 2021.

When Johnny can't read, his human rights are denied, commission hears.  Ottawa Citizen. March 11, 2020.

Reading disabilities: the focus of a provincial Human Rights Commission inquiry traveling through Ottawa. CBC Radio Ottawa Morning. March 11, 2020.

Dyslexic students 'desperate' for help in class.  tbnewswatch. Feb 24, 2020.

Kingston kindergarten teacher develops a better way to teach reading. The Kingston Whig Standard. March 11, 2020.

Human rights tribunal 'right to read' comes to London. London Free Press. Jan 29, 2020.

London to host human rights commission inquiry into Ontario elementary school literacy. Global News article. Jan 28, 2020.

London Right to Read Hearing. CBC Radio London Morning with Rebecca Zandbergen. Jan 28, 2020.

Ottawa parent discusses her child's struggle with dyslexia. CBC Radio Ottawa Morning. Jan 20, 2020.

Ontario's Human Rights Commissioner: Standing up for kids who can't read. CBC Radio Ontario Today. Jan 15, 2020.

Brampton mother says Ontario students with dyslexia can fall years behind before diagnosis.  CBC Radio Metro Morning. Jan 14, 2020.

'If you're dyslexic, you feel stupid,' advocate says. Now, Ontario wants to change that. CBC Toronto News. Jan 14, 2020.

Is learning to read a human right? CBC Radio Here and Now Toronto with Gill Deacon. Jan 14, 2020.

A 'tragedy' what dyslexic children go through, advocate says. CBC News. Jan 14, 2020.

How schools are failing kids with dyslexia. CBC Radio Ontario Today. Dec 30, 2019.

Can schools do more to teach students with dyslexia? CBC Radio Ottawa Morning. Nov 13, 2019.

Living with dyslexia. CBC Alberta Noon.   Nov 14, 2019.

Boy with dyslexia: Wished I could die so I'd stop feeling so stupid. CBC Radio Ontario Today. Nov 13, 2019.

Why some parents of children with dyslexia feel they have to take the matter into their own hands. Global News. Nov 7, 2017.

Undiagnosed and misunderstood, students with dyslexia face stigma and shame. CBC News. Sep 9, 2016.