Dyslexia, a hot topic on the CBC Ontario Today call-in shows

Dyslexia as been the topic of CBC Radio’s Ontario Today call-in show several times over the past few months. Starting on November 13th with an episode featuring IDA Ontario president Elect Alicia Smith and her son Marcus. Marcus opens the show by reading from the opening of a letter that he wrote to his MPP about his experience with dyslexia. You can read the full text of Marcus’s letter here.

Marcus’s words hit a nerve with individuals from all walks of life across the province. The Ontario Today show received so much interest and feedback from this first show that the topic of dyslexia and reading instruction has been the topic of three more episodes.

If you missed the chance to listen to these shows on the radio the are all available on-demand. Simply follow the links below to listen online.

November 13th: Boy with dyslexia: Wished I could die so I’d stop feeling so stupid

November 14th: The latest science, techniques, on how to teach children who struggle to read

December 30th: How schools are failing kids with dyslexia

January 15th: Ontario’s Human Rights Commissioner: Standing up for kids who can’t read.