Structured Literacy for Kindergarten Teachers

Implementing structured literacy instruction in the kindergarten classroom: A three-part webinar series by Emily Moorhead

In this three-part series, Emily Moorhead discusses and demonstrates the implementation of structured literacy instruction in a kindergarten classroom.

Part One: Phonological Awareness

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Part Two: Moving to Print

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Part 3: Putting it Together

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We had far more questions during these three webinars than we could answer live, but Emily has kindly created this document with answers to many of the questions that were asked.

Presenter: Emily Moorhead (OCT (BAH, B.Ed)) is a teacher at the Limestone District School Board, Kingston, ON.  She has been teaching early primary children for seventeen years. When her own child showed signs of difficulty in learning to read, she recognized that, like her son, there were consistently children who were leaving kindergarten unprepared for reading success in Grade One. Emily became deeply engaged in her own learning and teaching practices to ensure that every child was given the tools to become a successful reader. Read more about Emily's path to structured literacy instruction here