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Soyez des nôtres! Le Droit de lire dans nos écoles francophones et d’immersion
17 March 2023

Enregistrer Le Droit de lire dans nos écoles francophones et d’immersion: nos responsabilités et les ressources à notre disposition avec Nika Farahani, Conseillère juridique de La Commission ontarienne des droits de la personne […]

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French Webinar February 22nd: Register today!
06 February 2023

Are you looking for a science-based progression to teach the alphabetic principle in French as a mother tongue or in an immersion context? Michèle Minor-Corriveau, speech-language pathologist and researcher and […]

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A Sold Story
06 December 2022

Millions of kids can’t read well. Scientists have known for decades how children learn to read but many schools are ignoring the research. They buy teacher training and books that […]

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Webinar with Stephanie Stollar
18 November 2022

Recording is now Available on our YouTube Channel.  This workshop will provide an introduction to multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) as the framework for implementing the science of reading in […]

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French Webinar: Oct 28, 2022
07 October 2022

Accès au l’enregistrement Enregistrement disponible: Rapport sur l’enquête «Le droit de lire­» : Suivons les reccomendations   Lise L’Heureux, M.A., Ron Cadez, M. Éd. et Michèle Minor Corriveau, Ph.D. reviennent […]

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Becoming A Literacy Leader Series
01 October 2022

Access to the recording recording now available This fall, our Literacy Leaders series, “Rethinking Assessment: Using Universal Screening Data to Inform Reading Instruction” will focus on universal screening. Our series […]

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Basics of Decoding & Spelling
22 September 2022

Learn how to teach decoding and spelling with structured literacy instruction! This is a 15h, online, on-demand course available on IDA’s Learning Portal. The course includes approximately 10 hours of […]

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Structured Literacy in Grade One: How to Organize a 90-Minute Daily Schedule
Grade One Daily Structured Literacy Schedule – 90 Minute Block
21 September 2022

Martha Kovack, M.Ed., OCT, is the creator of ““, a website dedicated to providing educators with information and resources to help them get started on their Science of Reading/Structured Literacy journey. […]

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The Right to Read Inquiry: Responding to Opposition 2022
29 August 2022

The Right to Read Inquiry: Responding to Opposition Speakers: Dr. Jennifer Buckingham Dr. Todd Cunningham Dr. Marc Joanisse Dr. Perry Klein Una Malcolm Original Live Webinar: September 21 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 […]

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