SickKids research study 2

Families needed for SickKids research study on the genetics of reading disabilities

SUMMARY:  Families are needed for a research study at SickKids (the Hospital for Sick Children), which is investigating the genetic basis of reading disabilities.  We require the participation of families and their child(ren), age 6 to 16 years, who struggle with reading.  Parents will receive a report describing their child’s test results, which may be helpful in educational planning.  All testing will take place at SickKids in downtown Toronto.

For more information, contact the study manager, Kirsten Blokland: 416-813-8207, or

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2 thoughts on “SickKids research study

  • jennifer Pogue-Lacombe

    I have a son going into grade 2 that is struggling with reading and shows signs of a reading disability. The school sees the issues but testing in the schools are limited by budget.
    I am a high school teacher and see the need. I also have a reading disability that was recognized when I was elementary school and I used my testing paperwork through school to help me be successful.
    I feel that my history and my son’s current issues would work well in this study.