Is My Child Dyslexic?

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Common Traits of Dyslexia

Most of us have one or two of these traits. That does not mean that everyone has dyslexia. A person with dyslexia usually has several of these traits that stay over time and make his or her learning more difficult.

Speaking Language

• Late learning to talk
• Difficulty pronouncing words
• Difficulty getting new vocabulary or using age related grammar
• Difficulty following directions
• Confusion with before/after, right/left, and so on
• Difficulty learning the alphabet, nursery rhymes, or songs
• Difficulty understanding ideas and relationships
• Difficulty with finding the right words to describe something


• Difficulty learning to read
• Difficulty knowing or creating rhyming words, or counting syllables in words (phonological awareness)
• Difficulty with hearing and changing sounds in words (phonemic awareness)
• Difficulty hearing different sounds in words (phonological processing)
• Difficulty in learning the sounds of letters (phonics)
• Difficulty remembering names and shapes of letters, or naming letters quickly
• Knowing the order of letters when reading or spelling
• Misreading or leaving out common short words
• “Stumbles” through longer words
• Poor reading understanding during speaking or silent reading, often because words are not read correctly
• Slow, hard work to read out loud

Written Language

• Difficulty putting ideas on paper
• Many spelling mistakes
• May do well on weekly spelling tests, but may have many spelling mistakes in daily work
• Difficulty checking written work

Other Common Problems that occur with Dyslexia

• Difficulty naming colors, objects, and letters quickly, in an order (RAN: rapid automatized naming)
• Weak memory for lists, directions, or facts
• Needs to see or hear concepts many times to learn them
• Distracted by things they see and or hear
• Downward trend in achievement test scores or school performance
• Inconsistent schoolwork
• Teacher says, “If only she would try harder,” or “He’s lazy.”
• Family members may have similar problems


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